Houston Area HOA Foreclosure-related Filings

HOAs are typically found in the court records with names based on the subdivision plus several words describing the organization such as Association, Club, Committee, Fund, Homeowners, Owners, Maintenance, Property, Services, etc. Management companies also have frequently occuring terms. For convenience, both in reading and in download time, frequently appearing terms have been abbreviated and are listed here.

CA Comunity Association
CIA Community Improvement Association
Comm Community
CSA Community Services Association
CvA Civic Association
CvC Civic Club
CvIA Civic Improvement Association
HA Homes Association
HOA Homeowners Association
Imp Improvement
MA Maintenance Association
Maint Maintenance
MF Maintenance Fund
Mgmt Management
NA Neighborhood Association
OA Owners Association
OC Owners Committee
PH Patio Homes
POA Property Owners Association
Prop Property or Properties
RA Residents Association
Serv Services
TH Townhomes

  • Most HOA names in the court records have "I" or "Inc" at the end of the name. Many times, the same HOA name appears with and without this suffix. For convenience, this suffix is generally assumed, and has been removed.
  • Most Management Company names in various records have Inc or Co at the end of the name. For convenience, these suffixes are generally assumed, and have been removed.