Houston Area HOA Foreclosure-related Filings
Management Companies

Starting in late 2002, HOAdata.org provided a list of management companies providing services to Harris County HOAs, along with a cross-reference between HOAs and management companies. The list was compiled from management certificates filed in the Harris County clerk's real estate records, online sources such as management company and HOA websites, and submissions from individual homeowners. The certificates are filed by the HOAs, the management companies, or their attorneys.

Such a list is problematic to compile and even more difficult to maintain. Over the years, accuracy became a concern, since companies go in and out of business, change names, merge, etc, and since relationships between HOAs and management companies continually change.

The problematic management company database is separate from the stable, historical foreclosure filing database. Therefore, the HOAdata researchers decided in early 2007 to remove the management company listing and cross-reference from the HOAdata.org website.