Houston Area HOA Foreclosure-related Filings
Filing Rate - by HOA Name

Since HOA subdivisions range from dozens to thousands of homes, it is useful to determine annual filing activity relative to size - expressed as filings per year per 1000 homes. Two metrics are presented here: Recent Filing Rate (averaged over 1995-2001) and Peak Filing Rate (maximum over 1985-2001).

HOARecent Filing Rate
(filings per year
per 1000 homes)
Peak Filing Rate
(filings per year
per 1000 homes)
Aberdeen Green HOA1.04
Aberdeen Trails HOA5.311
Aldine Village CIA13.5128
Amesbury Park HOA2.316
Amhurst CA10.927
Antoine Forest Estates HOA7.833
April Village CA4.012
Ashcreek HOA5.812
Ashford Hollow2.518
Ashford Park5.721
Ashford West CA2.512
Ashley Grove CIA8.234
Ashton Village HOA5.011
Atascocita Forest CA3.210
Atascocita North CIA5.29
Atascocita South CIA3.915
Atascocita Trails HOA3.518
Atascocita West CIA6.112
Audubon Park CIA12.541
Autumn Run CIA7.018
Barkers Landing HOA2.06
Barkers Ridge HOA2.68
Bay Pointe CA1.44
Bayou Place HOA7.115
Baywood Oaks CA2.28
Bear Creek Northwest CIA6.229
Bear Creek West CA10.135
Beckford Place HOA2.920
Bellaire West CIA6.617
Birnam Wood III CA5.312
Bonaire CIA1.315
Bradford Colony HOA16.838
Braeburn Valley HOA4.36
Braeburn Valley West CA4.013
Braewood Glen CA2.713
Brays Forest Imp Corp1.37
Brays Village East HOA7.021
Brays Village HOA7.617
Briar Park CIA.11.527
Briar Wood POA1.35
Briarcroft POA5.125
Briargrove Park POA1.74
Briarmeadow HOA1.76
Bridgestone HOA4.58
Brookfield Imp Corp,1.16
Brookglen CIA2.414
Camden Park HOA20.867
Candlelight Hills CA3.417
Candlelight Oaks CvC12.638
Canterbury Forest CA1.76
Canyon Gate at Northpointe OA4.311
Champion Forest Fund1.611
Champion Springs HOA3.412
Champions Creek CIA1.34
Champions Point Village II HOA4.96
Champions Terrace CSA22.966
Charlestown Colony CIA8.923
Charterwood CIA12.129
Chesterfield CA2.79
Chimney Hill CA4.89
Cimarron CIA9.525
Clayton HOA11.030
Colony Creek Village CA4.429
Commons Of Lake Houston POA4.215
Concord Bridge HOA10.024
Concord Colony HOA3.320
Copper Creek CIA11.437
Copper Grove OA2.44
Copperfield Place POA2.56
Cornerstone Place CA3.610
Coventry Estates HOA1.79
Cranbrook POA20.638
Creek Bend Estates CA7.811
Creekside Estates South HOA3.116
Creekstone CA24.143
Cutten Green HOA5.518
Cypress Point CIA1.122
Cypress Trails of Timberlane CIA8.028
Cypressdale CIA5.210
Cypresswood CIA2.56
Dove Meadows HOA6.813
Easton Commons HOA1.14
Eastpoint CA2.413
Eldridge Park HOA1.68
Elm Grove Village CA3.618
Enchanted Valley HOA5.824
Fairgreen CA3.812
Fairmont Park HA4.617
Fairmont Park West CIA3.511
Fairwood HOA3.912
Fleetwood CIA3.513
Fondren Park CIA3.29
Fonmeadow POA2.421
Fonn Villas CA1.29
Forest Bend HOA2.16
Forest North CIA17.443
Fosters Mill Village CA5.511
Fountainhead Rec & Maint Corp6.821
Fox Hollow CA24.062
Foxwood HOA8.316
Gessport PH HFSHA1.34
Gettysburg HOA1.914
Glen Meadows2.612
Glencairn CIA8.117
Glenloch CIA1.39
Glenshannon CA1.86
Glenshire CA3.27
Governors Place CA7.121
Greenfield Village HOA28.651
Greengate Place HOA 8.747
Greensbrook HOA5.570
Greenwood Forest Fund2.36
Hampton Oaks OA1.39
Harvest Bend Section I Assoc6.015
Harvest Bend The Meadows HOA3.810
Hearthstone HOA5.58
Hearthwood HOA1.6130
Heather Ridge HOA13.945
Heatherwood Village CA9.429
Heritage Meadows CA2.98
Heritage Park CIA2.46
Heritage Square CA4.213
Heritage Village HOA7.114
Highland Creek Village CA8.545
Highland Meadow HOA4.110
Highland Trails HOA4.510
Highland Woods HA4.516
Hunters Ridge Village CA1.38
Hunterwood Village Assoc12.323
Huntington Village HOA6.111
Huntington Village PH Fund1.515
Idleloch MF9.738
Imperial Valley Maint Corp6.316
Inverness Forest OC1.54
Inwood Forest Village HOA28.944
Inwood North HOA6.919
Inwood Pines HA11.343
Inwood West CIA4.817
Katyland CIA5.416
Keegans Glen HOA4.410
Keegans Wood HOA10.237
Kelliwood Fund4.117
Kelliwood Lakes HOA5.224
Kenswick HOA14.744
Kings Lake Forest HOA32.874
Kingsbridge Park CA5.924
Kingspoint HOA4.614
Kingwood Place CA8.816
Kirkmont Assoc Secs 1 & 26.112
Kirkwood Country HOA9.221
Kirkwood South Committee9.417
Kirkwood Village HOA5.616
Kleinbrook CA10.319
Kleinwood MF1.911
Lakepointe Forest POA1.24
Lakes of Fondren SW HOA16.165
Lakewood Grove HOA1.98
Lakewood Heights POA3.016
Lakewood Park Two HA2.910
Lakewood Village1.28
Lancaster CA8.836
Laurel Creek NA2.66
Laurel Oaks HOA19.529
Leawood West HOA2.67
Lexington Woods North CA3.817
Lexington Woods OC6.419
Lincoln Green East CvIA24.164
Lincoln Green South CIA15.348
Lochshire MF5.124
Londonderry HOA2.711
Majestic Oaks HOA1.18
Maplewood South-North CIA1.56
Marks Glen MA14.558
Mayde Creek CA3.923
Mckamy Meadows CIA5.528
Meadow Lake HOA7.123
Meadow Village HOA1.44
Meadowcrest HOA1.46
Meisterwood CIA1.54
Memorial Chase HOA7.211
Memorial Creek CA2.18
Memorial Northwest HOA1.33
Memorial Parkway CA2.49
Meyerland CIA1.36
Middlebrook CA3.57
Millridge North Secs. I & II CIA2.310
Mills Branch Village CA1.25
Mission Bend CvA, HOA, Sec 5 HOA18.726
Mission Bend Estates2.05
Mission Bend North CIA, Sec 3 HOA6.121
Morningside Place HOA/CSA11.726
Nassau Bay HOA2.05
Newport POA1.06
Norchester MF3.311
North Forest CIA.5.816
North Hollow Estates CA3.612
North Spring CIA4.823
Northampton MF2.310
Northcliffe CIA8.628
Northfork CA1.35
Northglen Assoc13.023
Northview West HOA14.135
Northwest Park HOA9.819
Nottingham Country CIA2.38
Oak Cliff Place HOA7.435
Oak Park Place HOA4.38
Oaks of Atascocita CIA1.95
Oaks of Devonshire HOA4.044
Oaks of Inwood CA3.517
Oakwood Glen Assoc1.410
Olympia CA11.622
Park at Glen Arbor HOA2.48
Parkglen CIA1.39
Parkglen West CIA4.412
Parkhollow Place OA16.443
Parkridge CA2.613
Parkway Forest POA20.944
Parkway West HOA9.136
Pheasant Trace Village HOA5.915
Pine Forest Village CA2.254
Pine Trails CIA4.210
Pipers Meadow CIA1.88
Post Wood CA7.125
Preston Trails HOA2.110
Prestonwood Forest MA1.56
Quail Forest HOA2.67
Ranch Country Assoc4.323
Reflections HOA3.121
Ridgepoint CA11.036
Riviera East CIA21.773
Rolling Green HOA2.614
Royalwood Committee1.04
Rushwood HOA16.327
Sablechase HOA6.827
Sableridge HOA10.616
Sageglen CA2.65
Sagemeadow Maint Committee1.59
Sandpiper CIA7.218
Scarsdale CA2.57
Settlers Village CIA4.512
Shadowbriar CA3.213
Shannon Forest Assoc17.436
Sherwood Trails Village CA6.922
Silvermill HOA7.113
Sommerall HOA12.530
Southmeadow POA1.715
Southwest Crossing HOA11.235
Southwood Place POA13.240
Spring Creek Forest CA1.25
Spring Creek Oaks CIA1.26
Spring Meadows POA6.014
Springridge HOA2.614
Sterling Green CIA20.134
Sterling Green South CIA6.714
Stone Creek HOA9.532
Stonehenge Assoc1.327
Stones Throw POA9.450
Summer Winds3.38
Sundown Glen CA3.67
Tallow Wood HOA10.621
Tealwood HOA1.520
Terra Nova, CA of 1.45
Thicket at Cypresswood CIA1.49
Three Lakes CIA2.910
Timber Forest HOA2.013
Timberhills HOA16.431
Tower Oak Bend HOA8.148
Town Park CIA3.419
Traces Section II CIA8.420
Trailwood Village CA2.98
Turtle Hill Village HOA6.317
Turtle Lake CvIA5.455
Verde Forest CvA3.412
Village Grove CA1.45
Village West CA3.712
Villages of Bear Creek HOA9.211
Vista Oaks CA2.316
West Bend CIA7.415
West Hampton Estates HOA2.013
West Memorial CvA14.832
West Place HOA25.042
Westbank HOA1.812
Westbourne HOA4.615
Westbranch CA4.913
Westbridge CA5.312
Westfield Glen POA2.18
Westfield HOA11.032
Westfield Terra CA6.128
Westfield Village HOA28.373
Westgate HOA2.014
Westglen HOA2.920
Westgreen CvIA6.711
Westheimer Place HOA12.438
Westhollow Village POA5.224
Westlake CIA20.340
Westlake Place HOA1.517
Westpark Village MF7.719
White Oak Bend HOA6.511
White Oak Landing HOA4.712
White Oak OA3.323
Wildwood CvA5.639
Williamsburg Colony MA8.213
Williamsburg Hamlet MA3.819
Williamsburg Parish MA5.512
Williamsburg Settlement MA1.15
Williamschase HOA1.821
Willow Forest HA1.68
Willow Pointe HOA1.67
Willowood MA5.632
Wimbledon Country Maint Corp4.619
Wimbledon Estates HOA2.88
Winchester Country MA5.315
Winchester Country Trails MA1.14
Windfern Forest CvIA3.17
Windfern Gardens CvIA6.427
Windsong CIA3.810
Wingate HOA22.541
Wood Fern CA2.612
Wood Meadow CIA2.88
Woodcreek POA1.05
Woodedge Village CIA2.513
Woodforest CvA1.75
Woodforest North Section II HOA1.44
Woodland Oaks CA6.825
Woodland Trails CIA2.913
Woodland Trails North CIA4.213
Yorktown Colony HOA6.015

  • Only HOAs with non-zero filings and at least 50 homes are included in this analysis.
  • Only HOAs with Recent Filing Rate of at least 1.0 filings per year per 1000 homes are listed.
  • Recent Filing Rate is computed from all court filings since 1995, normalized by size of subdivision, and averaged over age of subdivision or years since 1995, whichever is smaller. Analysis of annual filings suggests 1995 is a reasonable cutoff.
  • Peak Filing Rate is selected from the year (since 1985) with maximum filings and normalized by size of subdivision.
  • Subdivision size and median year built come from HAR data.
  • Explanation of HOA abbreviations.