Houston Area HOA Foreclosure-related Filings
Filing Rate Analysis

Grouped by Home Value - Recent Filing Rate is grouped by HOA median home value.

Distribution indicates that HOA filings affect a significantly larger fraction of homes in less expensive neighborhoods.

Grouped by Year Built - Recent Filing Rate is grouped by HOA median year built.

Distribution indicates that HOAs in newer subdivisions generally have higher filing rates than those in older subdivisions, with the highest rates in subdivisions built around 1980.

Grouped by Size - Recent Filing Rate is grouped by HOA size.

Distribution indicates a nearly uniform filing rate for a wide range of HOA sizes - from 100 to 2000 homes.

  • Based on court filings since 1985.
  • Only HOAs with non-zero filings and at least 50 homes are included in this analysis.
  • Recent Filing Rate is computed by dividing annualized filings since 1995 by the total number of homes in each category.
  • Subdivision size, median year built, and median home value come from HAR data.