Houston Area HOA Foreclosure-related Filings

18-Dec-01 Preview release.
02-Jan-02 Added attorney identification to approx 4000 cases.
13-Jan-02 Added over 1200 Harris County District Court cases.
16-Jan-02 Website publicly announced at State of Texas Senate Subcommittee hearing.
22-Jan-02 Formalized HOA names per court records. Added HOA, POA, CIA, etc.
27-Jan-02 Added price trend analysis.
1-Feb-02 Added supplemental plots to subdivision analysis.
8-Feb-02 Official web address changed to HOAdata.org
Added attorney & HOA cross-tabulation.
19-Feb-02 Added case duration analysis.
02-Mar-02 Added approx 3000 Harris County Civil Court cases.
05-Mar-02 Removed cross-tabulation.
07-Mar-02 Re-organized home value and filing rate analyses into filings and filing rate analyses.
14-Mar-02 Converted filings and fees/awards analyses to percent distributions.
25-Mar-02 Clarified naming and sections for Mission Bend and Mission Bend North.
Clarifications and corrections are welcome via HOAdata email.
30-May-02 Added working papers. First entry from Senate hearing.
20-Nov-02 Added management company database with cross-tabulation to HOAs.
Added attorney & HOA cross-tabulation.
7-Dec-02 Added comparison of home values to amounts of judgments.
25-Mar-03 Corrected AVR Mgmt Consultants tally of HOAs from 13 to 24. Identification of HOAs to follow later.
26-Feb-04 Added a statistical study of the HOAdata database to working papers.
01-May-04 Added FAQ.
Added to papers: "Reclaiming Your HOA".
29-May-04 Repaired broken link in references page to Texas Property Code, thanks to feedback from a website visitor.
29-Aug-04 Added to papers: "Grassroots Tips On Neighborhood Organization...".
12-Sep-04 Added preview of 2002-2003 research.
18-Dec-04 Updated FAQ.
05-Feb-05 Updated FAQ.
14-Feb-07 Removed management company listing and cross-reference.
Added to papers: "A Bill of Rights for Homeowners in Associations".
Started request for HOA stories.
04-Feb-09 Major new research for 2002-2007 completed. New tallies for 1985-2007 added.
24-Feb-09 Fixed labeling issue for Kirkmont in HOA-Atty and Atty-HOA cross-tabulations.
20-Mar-09 Minor text changes on home page.
18-Jun-09 Re-order, edit Example text on home page. Added quick links.
16-Jul-09 Updated FAQ: New item on deed restriction disclosure.
17-Mar-11 Moved to new webhost. Fixed a few broken links.
1-Jan-13 Updated reference to Texas Constitution and Statutes, thanks to feedback from a website visitor.