Houston Area HOA Foreclosure-related Filings
Filing Rate - Most Active HOAs

Since HOA subdivisions range from dozens to thousands of homes, it is useful to determine annual filing activity relative to size - expressed as filings per year per 1000 homes. Two metrics are presented here: Recent Filing Rate (averaged over 1995-2001) and Peak Filing Rate (maximum over 1985-2001).

HOARecent Filing Rate
(filings per year
per 1000 homes)
Kings Lake Forest HOA32.8
Inwood Forest Village HOA28.9
Greenfield Village HOA28.6
Westfield Village HOA28.3
West Place HOA25.0
Creekstone CA24.1
Lincoln Green East CvIA24.1
Fox Hollow CA24.0
Champions Terrace CSA22.9
Wingate HOA22.5
Riviera East CIA21.7
Parkway Forest POA20.9
Camden Park HOA20.8
Cranbrook POA20.6
Westlake CIA20.3
Sterling Green CIA20.1
Laurel Oaks HOA19.5
Mission Bend CvA, HOA, Sec 5 HOA18.7
Forest North CIA17.4
Shannon Forest Assoc17.4
Bradford Colony HOA16.8
Parkhollow Place OA16.4
Timberhills HOA16.4
Rushwood HOA16.3
Lakes of Fondren SW HOA16.1
Lincoln Green South CIA15.3
West Memorial CvA14.8
Kenswick HOA14.7
Marks Glen MA14.5
Northview West HOA14.1
Heather Ridge HOA13.9
Aldine Village CIA13.5
Southwood Place POA13.2
Northglen Assoc13.0
Candlelight Oaks CvC12.6
Sommerall HOA12.5
Audubon Park CIA12.5
Westheimer Place HOA12.4
Hunterwood Village Assoc12.3
Charterwood CIA12.1
Morningside Place HOA/CSA11.7
Olympia CA11.6
Briar Park CIA.11.5
Copper Creek CIA11.4
Inwood Pines HA11.3
Southwest Crossing HOA11.2
Clayton HOA11.0
Ridgepoint CA11.0
Westfield HOA11.0
Amhurst CA10.9
Tallow Wood HOA10.6
Sableridge HOA10.6
Kleinbrook CA10.3
Keegans Wood HOA10.2
Bear Creek West CA10.1
Concord Bridge HOA10.0
Northwest Park HOA9.8
Idleloch MF9.7
Stone Creek HOA9.5
Cimarron CIA9.5
Stones Throw POA9.4
Heatherwood Village CA9.4
Kirkwood South Committee9.4
Kirkwood Country HOA9.2
Villages of Bear Creek HOA9.2
Parkway West HOA9.1
Charlestown Colony CIA8.9
Lancaster CA8.8
Kingwood Place CA8.8
Greengate Place HOA 8.7
Northcliffe CIA8.6
Highland Creek Village CA8.5
Traces Section II CIA8.4
Foxwood HOA8.3
Williamsburg Colony MA8.2
Ashley Grove CIA8.2
Glencairn CIA8.1
Tower Oak Bend HOA8.1
Cypress Trails of Timberlane CIA8.0
Creek Bend Estates CA7.8
Antoine Forest Estates HOA7.8
Westpark Village MF7.7
Brays Village HOA7.6
West Bend CIA7.4
Oak Cliff Place HOA7.4
Sandpiper CIA7.2
Memorial Chase HOA7.2
Bayou Place HOA7.1
Meadow Lake HOA7.1
Heritage Village HOA7.1
Post Wood CA7.1
Governors Place CA7.1
Silvermill HOA7.1
Autumn Run CIA7.0
Brays Village East HOA7.0
Inwood North HOA6.9
Sherwood Trails Village CA6.9
Woodland Oaks CA6.8
Dove Meadows HOA6.8
Fountainhead Rec & Maint Corp6.8
HOAPeak Filing Rate
(filings per year
per 1000 homes)
Hearthwood HOA130
Aldine Village CIA128
Spanish Cove Civic Imp Corp105
Kings Lake Forest HOA74
Riviera East CIA73
Westfield Village HOA73
Greensbrook HOA70
Camden Park HOA67
Champions Terrace CSA66
Lakes of Fondren SW HOA65
Lincoln Green East CvIA64
Fox Hollow CA62
Kings Colony60
Marks Glen MA58
Turtle Lake CvIA55
Pine Forest Village CA54
Plaza Place OA51
Greenfield Village HOA51
Stones Throw POA50
Tower Oak Bend HOA48
Lincoln Green South CIA48
Greengate Place HOA 47
Highland Creek Village CA45
Heather Ridge HOA45
Kenswick HOA44
Inwood Forest Village HOA44
Parkway Forest POA44
Oaks of Devonshire HOA44
Parkhollow Place OA43
Inwood Pines HA43
Forest North CIA43
Creekstone CA43
West Place HOA42
Wingate HOA41
Audubon Park CIA41
Southwood Place POA40
Westlake CIA40
Wildwood CvA39
Candlelight Oaks CvC38
Westheimer Place HOA38
Idleloch MF38
Bradford Colony HOA38
Cranbrook POA38
Copper Creek CIA37
Keegans Wood HOA37
Ridgepoint CA36
Parkway West HOA36
Shannon Forest Assoc36
Lancaster CA36
Bear Creek West CA35
Northview West HOA35
Southwest Crossing HOA35
Oak Cliff Place HOA35
Ashley Grove CIA34
Sterling Green CIA34
Antoine Forest Estates HOA33
Stone Creek HOA32
Westfield HOA32
Willowood MA32
West Memorial CvA32
Timberhills HOA31
Westwind Tempos Assoc31
Sommerall HOA30
Clayton HOA30
Heatherwood Village CA29
Colony Creek Village CA29
Laurel Oaks HOA29
Bear Creek Northwest CIA29
Charterwood CIA29
Bayou Bend CvC29
Northcliffe CIA28
Westfield Terra CA28
Cypress Trails of Timberlane CIA28
Mckamy Meadows CIA28
Rushwood HOA27
Amhurst CA27
Windfern Gardens CvIA27
Briar Park CIA.27
Sablechase HOA27
Stonehenge Assoc27
Morningside Place HOA/CSA26
Mission Bend CvA, HOA, Sec 5 HOA26
Woodland Oaks CA25
Post Wood CA25
Briarcroft POA25
Cimarron CIA25
Seascape POA25
Enchanted Valley HOA24
Westhollow Village POA24
Kingsbridge Park CA24
Kelliwood Lakes HOA24
Lochshire MF24
Concord Bridge HOA24
Ponderosa Village TH Assoc24
Northglen Assoc23
Charlestown Colony CIA23
White Oak OA23
North Spring CIA23
Ranch Country Assoc23
Meadow Lake HOA23

  • The 100 most active HOAs with at least 50 homes are included in this analysis.
  • Recent Filing Rate is computed from all court filings since 1995, normalized by size of subdivision, and averaged over age of subdivision or years since 1995, whichever is smaller. Analysis of annual filings suggests 1995 is a reasonable cutoff.
  • Peak Filing Rate is selected from the year (since 1985) with maximum filings and normalized by size of subdivision.
  • Subdivision size and median year built come from HAR data.
  • Explanation of HOA abbreviations.